Brurce Mecca on Pursuing Environmental Activism

By: Felicia Widjaya The path to pursuing social impact is not a linear one. For Brurce Mecca, his interest in environmental activism is a gradual process of discovery. With his thick-framed glasses and toothy smile, Brurce gives off a laid-back and friendly first impression. But when he spoke of his work as an analyst at […]

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Giri Kuncoro on Leaving Silicon Valley and Building the Tech System in Indonesia

By: Felicia Widjaya With two patents under his name and a senior role at Gojek, Giri Kuncoro has a long list of achievements. After graduating from Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) with a bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Giri worked in Japan for Toshiba corporation and New York for GE Digital. He continued his […]

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Ada Apa Dengan Indonesia?

With the current situation happening in Indonesia now, we aim to shed light on the complexity of the issues. As students who are pursuing our studies overseas, it’s easy to lose touch on the current social, political, and environmental climateat home. We ask Margianta, ambassador of One Young World and founder of Emancipate Indonesia, three […]

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Stereotypes: Chasing Your Passion

For many of us, chasing your passion is a trade-off for practicality. If society deems your passion as practical, you may have avoided this dilemma. But most of us reach a point where we are faced with two seemingly conflicting options: be practical or chase your passion. “Chasing your passion is impractical” is a stereotype […]

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By: Felicia Widjaya Like most musicians, Steve Winarto dreamt of the glittering Hollywood lights. He certainly has the talent to make it in Los Angeles; after all, he received a merit scholarship to study at Berklee College of Music, graduated summa cum laude, and has since won many awards for music composition. But Steve learned […]