Randy Ryan

By: Joy Harjanto Because I grew up learning to play Beethoven’s moonlight sonatas, I always imagined pianists to be serious and somber, mimicking the notes of the esteemed composer himself. So when I spoke with Randy Ryan, I was pleasantly surprised by how down to earth and easy going he was. The name Juilliard also […]

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Bullets: Christie Hartono

By: Joy Harjanto Points have been edited for length and clarity For Christie Hartono, social media is her red carpet. She uses it as a platform to display her many passions: from beauty to music. Her Instagram feed has caught the attention of big name brands, allowing her to work with brands like Glossier, VS […]

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Finding Courage In Social Movements: Why I Joined The Hong Kong Protests

By: Albert Au   This story is part of Paradigma’s Global Voices series- a platform to give Paradigma a bold, defined and global perspective through a personal voice. July 1st commemorates the handover of Hong Kong as a former British colony to the People’s Republic of China. But instead of celebrating with fireworks at Victoria’s […]

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Carol Kuswanto

By: Joy Harjanto Carol Kuswanto met us in a cafe tucked in the streets of Los Angeles on a typically sunny day. During our meeting, she identified the pitch of the song playing amid the background noise effortlessly. Carol is gifted with perfect pitch: the ability to identify or re-create a musical note without a […]

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Editor’s Note #2

Dear Readers, Thanks for following us through our first chapter of storytelling, “Home away from Home.” We hope our first batch of stories inspired you to pursue your passion no matter where you may be. For our second set of stories, “Finding Harmony,” we will feature individuals who decided to study and pursue a career […]

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Gilbert Ichwan

By: Joy Harjanto For Gilbert Ichwan, his fascination for iPhones that started in the early 2010s was life changing. The product caused him to develop a strong affinity towards Apple and its founder Steve Jobs. Beyond its sleek design, Gilbert was fascinated by iPhones’ user friendliness and company motto. Gilbert thought he wanted to pursue […]

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Olivia Sutanto

By: Joy Harjanto Question and answer has been edited for length and clarity For most individuals, friendster is nothing more than an outdated social media platform. But for Olivia Sutanto, it is where she developed a knack for design. Olivia joined Google as an interaction designer where she completed a two year design rotational program. […]

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Editor’s Note

Dear Readers, For our inaugural series, we have chosen the theme: home away from home. We talked to Indonesian individuals who are working abroad and pursuing their passions.   As college upperclassmen and recent graduates ourselves, we think these are important stories to tell.  We know how hard it is to decide between starting our […]

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