The idea for The Paradigma was born from a genuine love for storytelling, hours spent admiring inspiring individuals and our experience studying abroad. Our experience abroad introduced us to new and diverse perspectives. We recognize the privilege and uniqueness that comes with this experience and aim to share this experience.

Paradigma features individuals who live or have lived abroad. We select individuals whom we believe have demonstrated a strong contribution to their field of interest or pursued a non-traditional path or field. We want to share these stories for two reasons: we believe the lesson underlying these stories are important and should be available to everyone regardless of where they went to school. We envision Paradigma to be a space of discussion within a new and undeniable subculture — third culture kids.

We’re particularly interested in stories of individuals who pursued a non-traditional path or field, as we weren’t exposed to these stories growing up.

Here are their stories in their own words. Our goal is to tell their full experience– both their successes and failures —  beyond what’s merely listed on their resumes. We hope you leave the site feeling brave and inspired to carve out your own path. 

Feel free to shoot us an email if you have any suggestions or just would like to chat: theparadigma.id@gmail.com

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Jacqueline Danielle (Creative + Social Media), Joy Harjanto (Editorial + Strategy) and Felicia Widjaya (Editorial + Creative)