Editor’s Note #2

Dear Readers,

Thanks for following us through our first chapter of storytelling, “Home away from Home.” We hope our first batch of stories inspired you to pursue your passion no matter where you may be.

For our second set of stories, “Finding Harmony,” we will feature individuals who decided to study and pursue a career in music. Despite the prominence of music in people’s lives, there are stereotypes that still exists surrounding a career in music, especially within the Indonesian community. Uncertainty of future stability is one of the main concerns when pursuing music as a full-time career.

We will be featuring individuals who received training in classical music to those who worked in the pop music industry. The diversity of these individuals’ experiences reflects what the love of music really entails. We believe that our interviewees exemplify what it means to balance passion and pleasure, achieving a harmony between the two.

By telling their stories, we hope you learn how they managed to overcome stereotypes and how they reach the position they are in. As always, we hope you leave Paradigma feeling inspired.


Feli, Jacq and Joy

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