Editor’s Note

Dear Readers,

For our inaugural series, we have chosen the theme: home away from home. We talked to Indonesian individuals who are working abroad and pursuing their passions.  

As college upperclassmen and recent graduates ourselves, we think these are important stories to tell.  We know how hard it is to decide between starting our career abroad or at home.

While there is no right answer, we have noticed a common reason why most Indonesian students who studied abroad don’t continue to look for opportunities abroad. Students are discouraged by the job search process and the uncertainty outside of the comfort zone.

These individuals’ experiences prove that it is possible to work abroad, pursue your passion, and earn success in an unfamiliar place. The future is intimidating for us young adults. But by telling these stories, we hope you leave our publication a little more inspired and knowledgeable!


Feli, Jacq & Joy

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